The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Methods of Treatment of Drinking Water

Smart-Apparel for Beauty and Safety

Latvian Clay Studies

3D Virtual Garment Design 

Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging Material 

Autonomous Robot Platform

Wireless Cardiograph

Expertise of Mechanical Parts

The Future Vision of the Ideal House

Mine Seeker Simulator

Compact Solar and Pellet Module

Material Strength Tests

Intelligent Street Lighting System

Eco-friendly Chainsaw Oil

Water Treatment Plan

Hydroxyapatite Ceramic Implants

Economical Thermos-type House

Anti-collision Equipment for the Railway

Computer Model of Development Plan of Kuldiga

Parallel Active Filter Circuit

The Flue Gas Condenser

Lamp Glass for Use in Concrete

Asphalt Composition

  Determination of Pollution in Main Water-pipes

NMR Spectroscopy

Wind Tunnels


Crazy Rotor

 Struve Geodetic Arc Study

Third Version of the Robot Platform

Jacket for Cyclist Safety

Energy Audits

Robotics Club of RTU

Comparison of Fuel Types

Artificial Olfactory Sensor

Dance Costumes

Optical Communication Systems

Aircraft Safety Studies